Effects of digital revolution in advertising essay sample


Digital marketing has changed the industry of advertising once and for all. Gone are the times when  billboards and leaflets were used to enhance sales. Advertising software and banners are inherent to digital devices and websites. Digital marketing has sufficiently changed the way manufacturers approach their customers and enhanced sales. Positive effects of digital ads are numerous, however, some drawbacks also exist.

First, placing banners on websites and running ads in video players,  companies get an access to those clients who are not reached by conventional means of advertising. Some part of their target audience prefers to stay immune to ads. They do not watch television, do not take leaflets, ignore billboards, and mark advertizer’s e-mails as spam. But they cannot avoid web browsing and social networking, thus, the advertisers win.

Another advantage of banners is that they do not only promote goods but provide an access to online stores. Looking through the list of ads on websites, customers can easily find and buy promoted goods online. Talking about the social media, companies which advertise here encourage users sharing promoted content among their peers. In general, customers treat digitally-advanced companies as progressive competitive businesses.

To the drawbacks of digital advertising belongs the ability to reach the non-target market. For example, children surfing the web without supervision are exposed to all types of abusive ads. Promotion of alcohol and cigarettes may reach children while they stream videos or click on links. Even greater drawback of digital advertising is posting an excessive content. Invasive banners which pop up every minute or block parts of the web page are very annoying. They enhance the usage of ad blocking software, which hurts publishers and prevents businesses from reaching their clients.