First steps in creativity essay sample


Any creative occupation may seem a fascinating activity until people really engage in the creative process. After some time, they will inevitably discover that powerful and unique ideas do not flow from some endless source in their minds. Apparently, ideas do not emerge on their own; they are stimulated by the cognitive abilities of creative people, and they appear more frequently if individuals have food for thoughts. Thus, we can either wait for a muse or enhance creativity ourselves.

Before the creative process begins, all necessary information shall be processed. Whether we are looking for fresh ideas on how to arrange a party or searching for a way to tackle controversial issues, we need plenty of specific information on our topic. Research may help us to find out some crucial moments that we missed before and loom a new approach to the problem. The more we read, the more deliberate our solutions will become.

Having processed the necessary information, creative people obviously need to let ideas ripen in their heads. The “Eureka” moment may come anytime if our cognition has drawn the necessary links between pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. A weird thing, but we cannot force our ideas to ripen by researching more and more. Sometimes our wits just need some relaxation to click. A usual change of activities or a warm bath may appear very helpful to creative people.

Creative activities are easier to accomplish for individuals with a flexible mind. The ability to put our prejudice behind and invent something revolutionary requires us being open to new ideas. Our cognitive mechanisms are fascinating indeed which allows us to wonder how any brilliant idea could emerge in our heads.

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