Does Gender Affect Memory? essay sample



Taking into account intellectual and cognitive skills, there is no doubt in the fact that they depend on the person’s gender. In general, males have better spatial skills and females succeed in verbal skills. Numerous studies have shown that gender affects person’s activity in certain tasks. Both estrogen and testosterone affect cognitive skills alongside with age and training. Nevertheless, it is still unclear whether gender has any impact on short term or long term memory.

There is a controversy among the scientists according to which gender has a better memory. Some of them suppose that spatial skills are tightly linked to the short term memory which makes men have a better memory. The others believe that multitasking which is so easy to women is connected with the short term memory too. Psychologists, however, have determined that women have better episodic memory which is a subtype of the long-term memory based on personal experiences. But it is not the reason to proclaim that women memorize better than men.

The research conducted by Swedish psychologists revealed that women surpass in verbal episodic memory tasks such as remembering words and everyday events. Men, in their turn, were proven to remember non-linguistic information better which is explained by having excellent spatial skills. Therefore, we have women who constantly remind their spouses about dates and anniversaries but are totally unable to find their way in the unknown places. Nevertheless, women are better at memorizing the locations of small objects such as car keys as well as faces they see every day.

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