Does online shopping cause people to spend more money? essay sample

Online shopping induces more and more customers to purchase on the internet, and people find it very convenient. Approaching customers on the web, companies make running a business more convenient for themselves as online marketing is very efficient in terms of time and resources. When it comes to customers, benefits are even more visible. Online shopping allows purchase the best items with minimal efforts, pay for them with a credit card, and have them quickly delivered from any country. But are there any disadvantages of the completely pleasant shopping that shall require more of our attention?

Online or traditional, shopping requires spending money. Earlier, these two processes were much stronger associated with each other in our heads as we used to pay cash in stores. Today, we do not actually feel that we spend money as we pay noncash whether online or not. This is one possible reason why we may cross the line of excessive spending. Yet another way how online shops encourage us to buy more is constant access to the client. Most shops frequently send notification about their latest discounts and special offers. As we look through these e-mails, we actually cannot resist buying excellent products much cheaper than usually even if there is no urgent need for them.

In the era when retailers are omniscient, it gets harder for people to control their buying habits. Perhaps, more people became shopaholics due to the internet marketing. On the other hand, generous spending indicates to the high incomes of the customers and leads to prosperity of world  economies.