What effect does social media have on teen relationships? essay sample

Relationships between teenagers and their social environment is a fragile thing: youngsters easily become offended by their romantic partners, suffer from silly breakups with their old friends, ignore interaction with parents and teachers. Some parents admit that with the wide spread of social networks communication failures of their children became even more frequent. Teenagers themselves do not agree with this fact as they believe social media to be helpful in their communication with peers.

Positive or negative, the effect of Facebook is real and it influences all teen users to some extent. For some of them, creating posts in personal accounts helps to present themselves to the social environment and overcome hurdles in approaching people. Liking, commenting, and making reposts, even shy individuals boost their confidence and become more open to more new peers.

On the other hand, relying on social networks too much, teens may become more scared to communicate face-to-face or even make phone calls. Why should they if the right people are always accessible online?

Paying to much attention to tweeting and surfing the network, teenagers face conflicts with the adults. Parents blame their kids for paying little attention to everyday activities, and teachers regularly report about poor academic achievements. Children, in their turn, use social networks as places where they can hide from persistent parents and pressure of learning.

Another aspect which does not benefit teen relationships is bullying. Due to the ability to remain incognito, bullies approach their victims on social media. Not all teens can resist their offenders so that they become depressed by the online activity.

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