Driving safety tips essay sample

Driver’s attention strongly influences their own well-being and safety of the other traffic participants. Annually, more than a million of people die in car crashes on the global scale, and another 50 million remain injured to a different extent. Car crashes can happen due to various reasons – some of them are caused by drivers or other traffic participants, the others are enhanced by natural forces. Nevertheless, drivers usually have a greater control over their own safety, consequently they ought to do their best to prevent the accident.

Driving within the city, people need to remember about such basic safety measures as fastening seat belts, using special seats for children, putting a cell phone away, and keeping an admissible speed limit. As a matter of fact, the majority of accidents in the city streets happen because drivers are distracted with texting or checking their personal accounts on the Internet. Sometimes, there are reckless drivers or cyclists on the road; attentive drivers who have noticed the danger on time have more chances to stay safe.

A long drive has its own peculiarities and threats. In the first place, it is dangerous to hit the road being tired. Sleepiness makes drivers distracted, not even to mention falling asleep behind the wheel. In some places, wild animals frequently cross the highways and cause accidents, thus, drivers shall know their root and keep an admissible speed limit at the sections with the animals on the road sign. Driving for longer than 6 hours, people obviously need the second driver in the car so that the first one could have enough rest. Merely staying alert and attentive, drivers can avoid a majority of the accidents caused by various forces.

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