Essential health care provider support program essay sample



In 2015, the New York State Department of Health issued the Essential Health Care Provider Support Program to be conducted within the state. The program aimed at restructuring and merging of the licensed health care providers in order to make the healthcare system more sustainable and efficient for its clients. Under the established program, the Department of Health provided funds to support the restructuring activities and implementation of some innovative trends in health care delivery.

Grants provided by the program are available for health care providers that have shown their exceptional value for the healthcare system of the state. A total sum of $ 300 million is available for local hospitals that are the only providers of health care in their region, thus, are considered to be essential for the infrastructure of a particular region. A total sum of $ 55 million is provided to the establishments that proceeded in the implementation of innovative ways of providing the healthcare.

Applicants eligible for grants prescribed by the program are hospitals that meet the requirements defined by the Department of Health for this particular initiative. Here belong hospitals with the unsustainable financial situation and hospitals that fulfill an unmet need of their patients. The grants will be spent on eligible expenses that include construction, renovation, and equipment. These costs cannot be applied to cover general operating expenses. The grants have been delivered to the hospitals in 2016.

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