Family planning benefit program essay sample

Family Planning Benefit Program is a healthcare initiative provided in New York State and funded by Medicaid. The program is a free service for New York State residents of childbearing age that meet the requirements prescribed in the program. Apparently, people who are not enrolled in other Medicaid services cannot afford themselves family planning, which induced the New York State Department of Health to issue a new program to meet the demand of all adults of childbearing age in contraception.

According to the program in question, free family planning services are available only to those New Yorkers who are able to have children, have not yet enrolled in Medicaid, and whose income is under 223 percent of the poverty level. Teenagers can also apply for their family planning benefits to have a better access to contraception. A limited range of services is provided within the program.  Here belong the majority of FDA-approved methods of contraception, sterilization, counseling before the conception, and a number of other services related to family planning. Fertility treatments, abortions, and other services unrelated to family planning are not covered by the program.

Family planning benefit program provides full confidentiality concerning its clients. The latter can request that their family or health insurance company will not be contacted. People who already have some health insurance or get other free services may also be eligible for family planning benefits if they meet the requirements defined in its documents.