Flood preparedness essay sample

Floods, hurricanes, and storms are natural disasters that pose danger not only to property and crops but also to human life. Sometimes floods come suddenly because of a quick change of weather conditions or due to the abrupt rise of the water. In most cases, floods can be predicted just like other natural disasters. As soon as floods are on the forecast, the population has some time to prepare and protect their family.

Getting ready for a flood, individuals need to pack some food and clothes. The emergency pack includes a 3-day supply of water and non-perishable food as well as a 7-day supply of medication and the first aid kit. It is necessary to keep the copies of personal documents safe in case of emergency. The list of basic necessities also includes extra clothes, items of personal hygiene, a portable radio, batteries, cell phone chargers, maps of the area.

Preparation for the flood will be much more complicated for families with pets and little children. Except for a wide range of objects adults need for themselves, animals and children fully depend on their help. If children are evacuated in the first place, pets can easily be lost. Owners shall tag them with ID collars or keep safe in the carrier if an animal cannot escape by climbing a tree, for example.

Living in areas that are prone to floods, people shall always stay alert with local radio or television. Sometimes floods are forecast in a very short time so that the residents have to be ready to evacuate at every moment. People in the streets or in transport must search for a higher ground until they are evacuated by local emergency services.

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