Educated people should volunteer as literacy tutors essay sample



Illiteracy can be seen not merely in the developing countries but worldwide. According to the national survey, about 15 percent of American adults cannot read. The same refers to nearly 20 percent of high school graduates, and another 20 percent of adults have a basic reading level. The rate of illiteracy has not changed a bit for the last decade in the US which poses a threat to economic security and social stability of its citizens.

Numerous governmental educational programs and non-governmental initiatives tried hard to get illiteracy moving, but their efforts had little effect on adults. Fortunately, improving the literacy of others is the task not only for organizations but also for all altruistic educated people who are ready to volunteer within their community.

Apparently, the lack of teachers and the extreme poverty of population made education inaccessible to a large number of people. Some adults who never learned to read and write suppose it is not necessary for them as grew old. But the greater part of the illiterate population is ashamed of their status; they want to learn basic skills given to all children at the early age and assimilate with the literate community.

Tutoring is a nice opportunity to volunteer and become useful. As many high schools require their students to engage in volunteering before the graduation, young people will find it quite easy to teach. Adults who want to volunteer but have no previous experience may start from tutoring as well. Perhaps, some people will find out that education is their true vocation thanks to volunteering.

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