What should the role of the United Nations be? essay sample

As devastation and recession took the lead all over the globe after World War II, international cooperation and security became essential to the affected societies. The United Nations was created to assure peace all over the world and prevent future conflicts. The organization was concerned with  a range of economic, social, and humanitarian problems at the same time, and by now it is known as an intergovernmental organization with a comprehensive set of goals. The UN stands along with non-profitable organizations in providing humanitarian aid to the developing countries where thousands of migrants and refugees wait for their support.

Except for peaceful settlement of the conflicts, the UN takes efforts for the developing countries to reveal their full economic potential. A lot of attention is paid to the sustainable development which is a way to prosperity and enhanced international economic cooperation. Sustainable agriculture is a  major goal for the farmers who wish to combat hunger on their continent, and the UN makes sure that farmers have all information and tools to succeed.

Another Guiding principle of the organization is the protection of human rights. No society can thrive unless every single citizen feels protected by their government. Yet in 1948 the organization made human rights a part of the international law with its Universal declaration on human rights.

Every single direction in the policy of the United Nations is essential to communities all around the world. We may not see the immediate changes brought by the UN but a gradual improvement is certain. Violent conflicts still take place and millions of people live on the wrong side of poverty, but the UN does not give up on achieving its global goals. Perhaps, it is worse for the organization to concentrate more on preventing international conflicts and provocations of the military forces.

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