The effects of marrying before completion of school essay sample



Marriage is an experience which will determine the whole future life. There is no need to repeatedly put a stress upon the responsibilities people take creating such a durable bond. Early marriages are frequently notorious, nevertheless, some couples who have been living a long and happy life confess that they got married as teenagers. Perhaps, it is not an age which determines the success of the affair, but early marriages definitely have their peculiarities.

Why do we actually need to graduate before getting married? Apparently, because we have to estimate our ability to manage the routine on our own. As long as we remain students, parents support us emotionally and financially. At this time, it is impossible to predict how things will work out in the future. Perhaps, the planned occupation will not bring us enough money to care for spouses and children.

On the other hand, marriage is not merely a childbirth; it is also love, devotion, and even tradition. In some ethnic communities, it is still common and perfectly normal for girls to marry at the early age. Which is more, these girls are mostly happy in their marriages even if they have been arranged. Cases like this illustrate rather an exception than a rule, but it is necessary not to make a disaster out of the teenage marriages at large.

In some cases, people who marry at high school fail to perform and drop out of school. Sometimes, girls suddenly become pregnant before they start planning a child. But these unfortunate effects are not a sword of Damocles which hangs above every teenage couple ready to make their relationships official. Well-advised and smart young people can cope with challenges at all times.

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