Hotels and motels should increase security to reduce the rising crimes against their guests essay sample


Taking into account the progressing crime rate, people can never feel safe. Armed criminals wait for their victims in the slums, around the corner or behind the front door. The majority of crimes happen as the darkness falls, nevertheless robbery and shootings are frequent even in the broad daylight. As residents do not feel protected enough at their homes, there is nothing to say about hotel and motel rooms. A hotel room invasion robbery is a potentially dangerous crime which may easily happen to families and business people. Because of the high frequency and countless robbers who regularly break into apartments across the country, tracking and prevention are nearly impossible. Perhaps, enhanced security is the only thing which can be done to protect residents of countless small hotels and inns.

Due to the developed infrastructure, hotels and motels are on our every step. Trying to make housing more or less cheap to attract residents, managers frequently oversee necessary security measures. They may have no cameras and guards to monitor the corridors, and managers may not have emergency button nearby to call the police in case of invasion. Poor security management certainly undermines the business and well-being of the residents.

Conscious residents shall take care about their safety as well. Booking a room for a trip, people shall better prefer hotels with security services even if it is more expensive. Having arrived, they have to pay attention to any suspicious people staying at the same hotel and check locks on doors and windows. If travelers see that booked housing looks more suspicious than they expected, it is worth to search for another place to stay. These measures may be a little trouble, but safety is the top priority at all times.