Effect of advertisement on children essay sample



Advertising is designed so that it has the maximum effect on everyone who sees it. Children are the most vulnerable group as they do not analyze what they see or hear. Ads have a powerful call to action which people can recognize from the early age. Advertising is often built on stereotypes that enhance its effect but still plays against the recipient.


On the one hand, advertising is a free entertainment for kids. Children cannot take their eyes off the beautiful bright picture, no matter what is in it. On the other hand, advertising is often built on bias. Children are persuaded that beautiful and slim women are better than those little overweight, without a makeup or beautiful hair. Advertising is the part of mass media strongly connected to popular culture. Children sometimes need to get away from what is overly popular to develop better.


Advertising of certain products, like alcohol or cigarettes, is not tricky but plainly dangerous. Advertisers are interested in broadcasting their content in the prime time so that children unavoidably see alcohol and tobacco being promoted. Regulations do not cover printed or online media, therefore, children can face the ads of forbidden products anytime.


Speaking of harmful products, schools do not help kids avoid the ads for snacks, soda, and sweets. Students are already capable of buying all these things for their pocket money, and they inevitably do it because snacks are tasty and popular. Therefore, advertising impacts children starting with 6-7 years old at all levels. They change their thinking in a way convenient for brands but do not benefit from beautiful ads themselves.

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