Current trends in marketing essay sample


Leaflets and email newsletters have already become outdated and ineffective forms of advertising. Online performance marketing, mobile marketing, and partner marketing have come to succeed the old offline advertising and primitive online marketing techniques, like sending the emails no one really opens. It is much more useful to deploy social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile applications, big data and more digital tools to let people know about your business.

Digital marketing has been a king for the last few years. Consumers spend most of their time with their devices, and it would be best to place advertising there. To create a quality and consumer-friendly advertising, we shall make it targeted. An average internet user is overwhelmed by the amount of advertising popping out at all of their screens. That is why companies shall carefully choose banners and websites to place them. Targeted advertising helps consumers get what they want and it allows companies to escape adblockers.

In the recent survey, marketers from all over the world considered content marketing the most productive and financially rewarding marketing tool. A quality content works best when it helps customers solve some of their problems for free. Not all the content people write leads directly to a purchase, but it induces users to stay interested or loyal to the brand. That is why so many companies need the content that would be relevant and useful to their clients.

Marketing is a big pool that contains a lot of fish – some are big, the others are small. Chasing the big fish, we often ignore everything on our way. But that is not right for a marketer. Promoting one’s brand is a comprehensive activity. You shall use an interactive content as well as mobile marketing, SEO, and online PR to reach every potential customer.

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