Effect of branding on consumer purchase decision essay sample


In the world overwhelmed by brands, it becomes so difficult for us to make a decision. Plenty of brands are well-advertised and recommended on social media, and that is how companies fight for our attention. Indeed, a strong branding helps to inform a great number of new consumers about its priorities and special offers. Branding makes the product recognizable so that people always remember which particular cornflakes they are buying this time.

Certainly, popular brands influence consumer’s purchasing decisions. They do it through online search, social media, email marketing, and word-of-mouth. Up to 40% of people recommend the brand they follow on social media, and 20% of consumers purchased a product because of its brand name. People who recognize and trust the brand are most likely to open its emails and click on the link having found it on social media. There potential customers often ask for help or advice before making a purchase. A strong brand name also gathers advocates who recommend and protect the reputation of the company.

Despite the epidemics of impulse buying, making a purchase is sometimes an important decision. Brand awareness and image stimulate people to buy expensive brand-name products. Well-known brands usually look more reliable, they may have a better customer support, terms of exchange and return, and more options that make customer’s life easier. That is why branding is a powerful tool that induces people to buy certain goods.

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