Effect of counseling on the divorced individuals essay sample



Almost a half of married American couples sooner or later get a divorce. All these divorces happen in different life conditions, and most couples have children at that moment. Some of them do their best to find the mutual understanding, others try to change priorities and make any sense of the existing relationships. Finally, most of them get a divorce after which few people feel actually happy and enthusiastic about their future.

Counseling is a proper way to get relief after such a stressful event as divorce. Asking for a help, people make sure that they do not become reserved and slam the door to their potentially bright future. Even in cases when it is essential to break up relationships (like suffering family violence), individuals may hesitate before getting a divorce and when it is finally done they still feel guilty. From this point on, it is a counselor’s job to let people get rid of the mess in their heads.

Counseling is a way to determine goals in the new reality of a divorced person. One of the prior drives to get a divorce is a wish to improve one’s life and well-being of their children. Counseling may help to achieve this goal by rehabilitation of one’s confidence. Staying open to new peaks in career and personal life, people leave their negative experience behind and do not break under the weight of social prejudices.

Visiting a counselor for the first time after the divorce, people may not even understand what is the use of empty talks about the process which cannot be reversed. But counseling is not merely a tool to find relief from anybody; it is also a chance to get helpful advice.


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