Influence of work environment on the motivation and self-esteem of workers essay sample



Performance in the workplace depends on a broad range of factors, and working environment is not the last one among them. An amount of the workload, relationships between the colleagues, interaction of employees with their managers define the mood and motivation of every worker. Clearly, people who work in benevolent and friendly groups do not feel depressed and squeezed out coming home every day.  Consequently, they want to make their corporate contribution even better and improve the quality of their everyday tasks.

Unsound working conditions damage efficiency and potential of the employees. Not all of them are strong enough to remain cold-blooded having discrepancies with their bosses and clients. And very few employees will stand a constant increase of the workload. Under the pressure of dissatisfied colleagues and managers, workers develop low self-esteem. All people want at least a little appreciation for their work so that it is important for bosses to keep the balance between criticizing and supporting their employees.

It is not enough to establish a friendly environment to improve workers’ motivation. A properly-done job always requires regular training. Providing corporate education, companies upgrade workers’ qualification and enhance motivation. Sending a regular feedback on the performance of workers is an efficient tool for a manager to remind that they do not ignore their subordinates and want to help them be more productive. Sometimes managers cannot devote so much time to interaction with employees; in this case, supervisors make sure that everyday activities of workers run smoothly. At last, creating a productive working environment is not only the manager’s job. All employees have to cooperate and keep working conditions friendly.

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