What is the environment’s role in personality development? essay sample



Beliefs, values, and experience which make up our personality are not inborn traits. From the moment of birth, every human is a new individual who, however, will develop their personality through the interaction with society and nature. Social environment certainly influences children and adolescents who still are in search of their self-image and actively acquire new personality traits. At this age, personality is still flexible to some extent as children change their views and attitudes comparatively easy. But it is frequently impossible to change the attitudes of mature adults who developed a strong personality due to communication with different people and gained one’s own experience in life.

Every particular individual with whom we regularly interact intentionally or unintentionally forms our personality. At the early age, parents can control the development of their child’s personality as they spend free time together. Even letting a child play with other kids, adults try to be aware of who these kids are and what are their parents. With teenagers, things start to drift out of control. Youngsters do not wish their parents to intrude into their private business as they prefer a company of peers who exactly determine the personality of each other. Becoming young adults, people are influenced by those who have an authority in some field. From this point on, every personality becomes more and more “immune” to the outer influence and difficult to change.

To develop one’s personality means to achieve the highest potential of skills and abilities. Individuals who care about their personal development always strive to be encircled with more experienced peers, wise tutors, good advisers who can expand their knowledge and worldview.

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