Environmental responsibility essay sample

Sustainability is a new feature many businesses seek to implement. Environmental responsibility comes along with social responsibility, and if the last one is crucial for every business to succeed, an eco-friendly direction is important as well. More than 10 percent of American consumers claim that they take into account environmental reputation of the company they buy from. Many businesses have already put environmental conception of their activity at the same level with the well-being of their staff.

Environmental responsibility is doing business and paying respect to nature at the same time. To be more specific, environmental responsibility requires taking a range of measures that preserve natural resources and prevent their contamination. Here belong combining fossil fuels with any alternative energy, sparing raw materials of vegetable and animal origin, recycling wastes, refusing from cellophane packing, using biodegradable plastic and other measures. Companies which call themselves sustainable or eco-friendly may adopt several or all of these strategies. Frequently, environmental responsibility is also a marketing strategy that opens an access for progressive and conscious clients.

Sustainable development shall not be a target exceptionally for businesses; all consumers use natural resources and leave wastes too. Creating a sustainable household implies sparing the energy use with the help of energy-efficient appliances and isolation of house from the environment. Sustainability also requires a proper disposal of toxic wastes and sorting out the garbage. In fact, every individual can find their own way to relieve the burden we put on environment, and any of these ways is already a step towards sustainability.

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