Green technology essay sample

Green technology is created with the help of the nature and for the nature. Scientists who devoted themselves to developing green technologies find more and more new ways to live in harmony with the environment. Today we have an alternative energy, green building, green chemistry, and other industries that broadened our views on technology. Industrialization is skyrocketing on the global scale, and sustainable development is urgent as never.

Pro-environment technology is built on the principles of environmental responsibility. Sustainable production meets the needs of consumers without damaging the environment or overusing its resources. Sustainable businesses do not live with the current moment but also care about what will remain to future generations. They cut down wastes and pay a great attention to their recycling. “Cradle to grave” products are succeeded by “cradle to cradle” goods that are easily recyclable. Eco-friendly companies succeed conventional technologies with alternative ones that avoid damaging consumers and environment.

The most widely-implemented type of green technology is alternative energy. Solar, wind, and hydro power are already produced and used by progressive nations that learned how to make the profit without depleting natural reserves. Solar energy is the most progressive renewable at the current moment; it is supposed to grow significantly till 2050. Biomass is another significant source of alternative energy. Nearly 5 percent of the energy used in the US is produced by biomass fuels. Green construction is popular in the US and Europe. Such form of construction implies eco-efficient design and maintenance. They spare water and electricity, reduce waste, and protect the health of inhabitants.