Evaporative coolers as green alternatives to air conditioners essay sample




Evaporative or swamp coolers provide a good alternative to the conventional air conditioning systems. The principle of their work is different from that of the traditional conditioners; while the latter use vapor compression and refrigeration, swamp coolers reduce the air temperature by making the air run through the plates with the moisturized surface. That is how originally hot and dry air becomes humid and cool at the output.

Benefits of evaporative cooling are numerous. In the first place, evaporative conditioners take less energy than conventional ones. They also improve conditions for people living in a dry climate devoid of some natural humidity which is essential for health and well-being.

Evaporative coolers are environmentally-friendly. The process of cooling does not involve emitting substances which can deplete ozone layer or harm the atmosphere and humans in any other way.  They use the natural process of evaporation which constantly takes place outdoors and do not pollute lands after their operational lifetime has ended. Usually, evaporative cooling systems are very comfortable to their users as these conditioners require circulation of air from open windows or doors. They bring relief to people with itchy eyes, throat or skin.

Despite all advantages, evaporative coolers may be successfully used only under certain climate conditions. They will provide an effective cooling to people in hot, dry, and desert-like areas where the air is nearly devoid of the moist. Nevertheless, they appear almost useless in warm damp areas. In this case, it is necessary to choose more appropriate energy-efficient coolers such as portable or window air conditioners.

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