Every car driver should be required to take a new driver’s test every three years essay sample

The number of car accidents unfortunately increases every year which makes us question the ability of people to drive safely. What it means is that there should be some kind of suitable solution. That is the reason why it seems quite logical to have every driver take a new test every three years.

The thing is that drivers will always remember that their license can be taken away when they do not pass the test. As a result, they will be more alert on the road which will help to decrease the number of car accidents.

Apart from that, lots of other preventive measures should be taken so that to make driving safer. You do not even have to watch the news every day to be aware of the fact that the number of lethal accidents is on the rise. Safety should become the main priority. The problem is that we have unfortunately forgotten about that. In addition, a lot of people are simply too distracted when they drive which is something that should never happen.