Public educational system and mediocrity essay sample

Education has always been the topic of a heated debate. The issue under consideration these days is the necessity to get the so-called classic education. What is means is that there are a lot of people who are convinced that going to high school and college is not that important.

The idea is that public educational system provides us with mediocre knowledge which is the reason why so many people are not happy with their jobs later on. What is more, a lot of those people are unable to realize their full potential. As a result, they are stuck at their jobs procrastinating.

The alternative is either homeschooling or some other schools formats which are actually available nowadays. Students in such schools do not have any compulsory classes. They are free to come up with the list of subjects they want to learn and the issues they want to cover. What is more, students in those schools are also able to do whatever they want. To specify, they do not have to be in class in case they do not want to study that particular issue at the moment. They can easily go do something else.

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