Facebook helps teens develop communication skills essay sample



Social networks have already engaged millions of young users into the virtual social life and face skepticism of their parents. Seeing as their child is nearly addicted to the online community, parents become confirmed that virtual interaction will end up with nothing good. However, this point of view is based on the prejudice and is unfair to the role performed by websites like Facebook.

To advocate social networks it is necessary to admit that communication in cyberspace gives a boost of confidence to all shy individuals who are unlikely to start a conversation with anyone in the real life. Timid personalities do not even know how to approach peers as they are afraid of being dismissed or laughed at. Social networks provide much more opportunities in this respect – sharing their favorite posts and media, teenagers reveal that they are much more alike with each other than they thought. Social media provide a clear benefit to the self-esteem of children. Talented personalities are not shy to share photos, videos, and music created by themselves and are less afraid to read their responses and critics.

Teenagers who write blogs also develop their writing, reading, and critical thinking. Watching the news, reading books,  comparing various opinions, children process a lot of information, make up their own mind, and feel free to declare it in their social media profiles. Obviously, young people make a step forward with the help of social networks, as most of them realize the value of all the information which is posted here and further transmitted by users.

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