College degrees prevent early marriages essay sample



We got used to thinking that higher education makes of us mature people able to think critically and make a reasonable judgment. We treat early marriages as something ill-considered and agree that educated people have more chances to make a better choice and do not get one divorce after another with a handful of children who do not fully realize what is happening. However, the link between the young age and infidelity as well as the connection between the higher education and maturity seems to be far too exaggerated.

First of all, people marry due to various reasons. Some of them do it for love (either mature or romantic), others – for financial assets of their spouses. Maturity comes to people at a different age, mostly with their life experience. However, a middle age does not always guarantee the maturity; some people can be emotionally ready to marry in their twenties, the others cannot stop changing their partners even in the ripe age. Perhaps, the same can be said about higher education.

Individuals who are responsible and persistent enough to complete their higher education can transfer these qualities into their personal life as well. However, a college degree does not guarantee that family values will take over in the minds of young graduates. Ability to think critically does not necessarily mean that people with higher education have a better commitment to the family and higher fidelity to their spouses. These qualities are not taught by professors.

At the moment, it is important to get rid of stereotypes: early marriages are not always unfortunate, and late marriages can be destructive. College degrees usually delay marriages until the graduation but they are unlikely to undo divorces. Nevertheless, the positive thing is that college degrees suppress family violence and provide a high quality of upbringing for the children of the graduates.

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