Sex education should consist of more than just abstinence-only programs essay sample



Only a few years ago, abstinence-only programs were the only type of sex education financially-backed by the federal government and provided at schools. The things changed under the Obama administration when comprehensive sex education programs were introduced instead of their ineffective predecessors.  The heated social debate always included issues on sex education; some experts claimed abstinence-only programs being effective in teenagers delaying their first sex, but the reality cannot be ignored – more teenage pregnancies and individuals with sexually transmitted infections appeared since 1997 when the federal government started funding of these programs.

Apparently, abstinence-only programs were the wrong tactic of the government which failed preventing a teenage pregnancy. Researchers revealed that students who enrolled in these programs were no more likely to delay their sexual activity until marriage than those students who did not. Neither were the programs helpful in reducing the number of sex partners or declining the rates of youth infected with STIs. Which is more, abstinence-only programs distort scientific facts and provide inaccurate and misleading information about the woman’s reproductive health. Their curricula discourage the use of contraceptives and exaggerate possible complications of abortion. Clearly, an utter fraud such as these biased programs has no place in modern education.

Taking into account the high rate of STIs among the American youngsters, officials assumed that they need comprehensive sex education programs. Today their curricula include information about the frequency and risks of becoming infected, rates and social consequences of the teenage pregnancy, scientifically proven facts about the woman’s health, and explicit information about contraceptives and their use. Comprehensive sexual education programs are a perfect substitution for their predecessors as at the current moment the number of infected teenagers sank due to the use of contraceptives.

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