Family Dinners and the Modern Day essay sample


Modern lifestyle leaves little time for a family to spent together. Working night shifts, studying, having extracurricular activities, we have no opportunity of shared meals. Gone are the times when wives were mainly engaged in household duties, cooked, and waited for the family to gather for a dinner. Today, eating has a purely physiological value – if humans could survive without food, they would not spend their time on meals. This tendency is destructive towards a family team-spirit and discourages family interaction. Years ago, shared meals provided communication, socialization, manners, and etiquette. Today we do not much bother about family connection having dinner during screen time.

Family mealtimes are important for its members, especially little ones. According to a study provided by the American Pediatrics journal, children who usually participate in shared meals eat healthier food, escape an excessive weight, and eating disorders. Besides, these kids interact with both parents during the family dinner. It is most beneficial as kids frequently choose one parent whom they like most to communicate. Today, children having a shared meal with both parents is a rare occasion. Parents usually divide responsibilities and while one of them stays with kids another has time to work or relax.

Modern family dinners are arranged on holidays when the whole family can come together. Such a tradition is especially important for parents who miss their adult children. In everyday life, most parents and children eat alone whenever they have time for it. It does not mean they are always lonely, but older people who got used to another tradition may feel ignored.