Are We What We Eat? A Study on Obesity essay sample


Obesity is invading the entire world, however, not all ethnic groups are equally predisposed to it. Dozens of revolutionary facts on obesity are published every day as people are extremely interested why so many of them cannot keep fit for a long time. Hasty lifestyle is often blamed in spoiling eating habits. Fast food and the abundance of highly processed products on the shelves of supermarkets by no means help us remain slim and slender. However, they are not the only catalysts of obesity.

Many of us accustomed themselves to the motto “we are what we eat”. In fact, our built also depends on how much we eat, how we live, and what we are meant to be genetically. Healthy food will be of no use if people do not know how to consume it properly. According to the recent British studies, people consider healthy food as less filling and compensate the loss by consuming double portions. But not every organism can transform all food into energy immediately. Eating large portions is one of the shortest ways to obesity or digestive disorders.

The level of physical activity also matters when talking about excessive weight. In fact, physical activity does not necessarily involve athletic experience or training in the gym. Regular 10 minutes walk to the office, using stairs instead of elevators, rushing in everyday business, doing daily choirs are a basic exercise too.

And last, genetic predisposition to obesity shall never be ignored. A slow metabolism can be inherited and people who know that everybody in their family is quite chubby always need to work hard to keep control over their weight.

Healthy food is essential to combat obesity. However, it shall never exclude size of portion or exercises.

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