Has Technology Changed the Way We Eat? essay sample

Over the last decades, technology made a significant change in what we think and how we behave. Eating habits, shopping, and consumer choices are not an exception. Talking about our dietary styles, the internet with all the social networks and blogs promotes sustainable nutrition among its users. Technology provided a broad access to scientific studies and research so that we discover more about our nature and healthy ways to approach it. Social networks are full of diverse dietary facts; some of them are true, the others look rather like stereotypes.

Online shopping is another technological advancement which affects our dietary choices. If we do not want to rush along huge shelves and stand in lines, we just order everything we need online and have the grocery delivered. On the one hand, online shopping is always convenient, on the other hand, it has disadvantages. Stores may not provide detailed information on products available online. Deciphering list of ingredients from the photos may be difficult so that we have to buy already known products.

Technologies have greatly changed the way we cook. The newest kitchen appliances allow to make up nutritive “slow food” a little faster. They help to preserve more of essential nutrients than traditional saucepans do so that people keen on organic food mind updating their kitchen devices.

And of course, technology has enhanced fast food consumption on the global scale. 24-hour baguette vending machines are already installed in France. Similar machines have already been selling soda all around the world for decades. They certainly accelerate obesity rates among teenagers.