Vegetarians, Vegans, and Others with Personal Food Regulations essay sample

There are not so many people who restrict themselves in certain types of food. The percentage of vegetarians on the planet is comparatively small, but all these people have different eating habits. There are several subtypes of vegetarians which are distinguished because they all refuse from consuming different animal products.

Vegetarian is a general term which refers to a person who does not eat any kind of meat. However, all similar dietary divisions ending in “vegetarian” are not so strict. For example, pollo-vegetarians consume poultry even if they refuse from other sorts of meat. Actually, vegetarianism does not tolerate eating chicken or turkey but, on the other hand, poultry is much less fatty than pork or bacon. Pesco-vegetarians, in their turn, make an exception for seafood. Fish is healthier than chicken, and a diet of this type is very popular among vegetarians. Lacto- and ovo-vegetarians tolerate either milk or eggs (or both). These products do not involve violence towards animals so that such an excuse is also appropriate.

Unlike various vegetarians, vegans are very strict in their dietary choices, They do not approve of any products manufacturing of which involves animals. It refers to food as well as to non-edible items such as clothes. Vegans are always very well-informed even if their habits may seem strange.

Some people follow a macrobiotic diet. It is similar to pesco-vegetarian diet and it promotes local and seasonal food. Yet other people prefer raw fruits and vegetables. They do not tolerate cooking as high temperatures destroy nutritive elements.

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