Frankenstein essay sample

‘Frankenstein’ is one of the most popular novels written by Mary Shelly. The story is centered around the character of Victor Frankenstein who creates a grotesque creature as a result of his experiment.

The book is very fascinating to read because of a rather unconventional plot and the ability of the author combine various writing techniques so that to grasp the attention of the reader. When analyzing the novel in detail, one will definitely notice that it contains various elements and characteristics of the Gothic novel. What is more, the influence of the Roman movement on the style of writing can be spotted as well.

Another vital aspect to highlight regarding “Frankenstein’ is that it is one of the earliest examples of such genre as science fiction which was not very popular at the time when Mary Shelly this book. Surely, the novel itself became rather influential as well meaning that tons of various horror stories, plays, films and interpretations were inspired by it.  

The main themes of the book are as follows: sublime nature, dangerous knowledge, secrecy and monstrosity. The pursuit of knowledge is the major theme due to the fact that the main character tries to go beyond the accepted human limits in order to finish his experiments as well as find or even access the secret of life.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelly is a masterpiece which has become a very influential work of literature as well as inspired a lot of people to explore the same genre. What is more, the novel is believed to have stimulated the development of such genre as science fiction.