Case Report Hanson essay sample


To begin with, it is vital to mention that Hanson UK is a company that produces ready-mixed cement, concrete, asphalt-related materials and aggregates. Over 3500 people are employed. The company operates around three hundred manufacturing sites.

One of the most significant aspects to highlight in terms of how Hanson UK operates on the market is that the company demonstrates a very responsible approach to work. To specify, the company does its best in order to treat everyone in a fair way providing each employee with equal opportunities.

Another aspect to emphasize is the fact that Hanson UK is constantly demonstrating the ability to nurture new talents within the company. What it presupposes is that they are really good at getting the best results from their workforce.

What should also be highlighted regarding the subject under consideration is that personal development plans are conducted. Besides, the company regularly reviews and assesses the progress of each employee as well as suggests possible ways and techniques for improvement in case it is necessary. In such a way, Hanson UK manages to demonstrate one of the best practices on the market in terms of management and HR department. It is essential to highlight that these personal development plans are aligned with the strategic plan and goals of the company which means that every employee takes an active role in helping the company succeed on the market.

All in all, Hanson UK is a responsible company that cares about its employees. What is more, the company knows how to deliver the best results to its customers within the specified time frame and make sure that everyone is satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

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