In His Steps essay sample


‘In His Steps’ is a religious fiction novel written by Charles Monroe Sheldon. The book became a best-seller.

What is particularly interesting to highlight is that more than 30, 000, 000 copies were sold after it was first published in 1896. As a result, the novel became one of the best-selling books of all time. It should also be mentioned that the full title of the book is as follows: ‘In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?’. However, there was a tiny problem because of the fact that the original publisher did not register the full title which is the reason why the second part of it is quite often not even mentioned.

One of the most significant questions that is asked in the book is: What does it mean to be Christian? This author of this book was the fist one to ask what Jesus would do in various situations that people typically encounter throughout life which is why the novel became a best-seller. What is more, it is also a classical Christian novel as well.

One of the most important aspects to highlight regarding this book is that author does a really great job at setting such an important question as well as actually making people think about it. What is more, some parts of the novel are rather compelling to read.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?’ is definitely worth reading, especially for those who are trying to understand why this book became a best-seller so quickly. Apart from that, very important questions are raised in the novel.

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