Gerontology review essay sample

To begin with, it is vital to provide the definition of gerontology. So, it is the study of biological, social, psychological, cognitive and cultural aspects of aging. The term was coined by Ilya Mechnikov.

To specify, the science focuses on the process of studying those changes that occur in a cell as well as the whole organism. Speaking about the major problems within the field, they are as follows: general biological aspects of aging; social and economic issues that occur because of the fact that the elderly become the predominant population class;  physiological bases of aging including disease processes and pathological deviations as well as psychological aspects that include personal adjustment to the process of aging and intellectual performance.

What should also be highlighted regarding the issue in question is that gerontology uses some of those methodologies which are also used by a lot of other medical and scientific disciplines. Apart from that, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that the main aim of the science is to find out as much as possible about the process of aging. The idea of expanding the life span of a human being is not something the scientists within the field of gerontology are interested in.  What they are interested is the opportunity to minimize the handicaps, struggles and disabilities of old age. In addition, the main focus is no making the lives of the elderly more comfortable.

Taking everything into account, the science of gerontology is concentrated on all aspects that refer to the process of aging and the life of the elderly including progressive changes that occur in the organism and the development of diseases.

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