Gender discrimination essay sample

We live in a highly developed society but the cases of gender discrimination are still quite common. What it means is that the whole mankind cannot accept the fact that both genders should have the same rights.

However, the situation is not quite satisfying at the moment. A woman may not get a job merely because she is viewed as the person who is going to choose family instead of her career in the next few years. The option of combining both is not even taken into consideration. What is even worse, such woman may not be invited to a job interview because of her gender.

The cases of gender discrimination are numerous and there is no need to look for examples on the internet as you have probably heard about most of them from your friends. What it all boils down to is that this situation should be changed as women deserve to be treated equally. What is more, they are often the essential element in some project or even the whole company which presupposes that they have enough knowledge and experience to do their job properly. Find out more at …