Gender equality. What has already been done? essay sample

Gender equality is a serious issue which still remains to be one of the most significant ones these days. The good news is that a lot has been done in order make genders equal. For instance, nowadays women have far more job opportunities than they have ever had before. They are paid more. In addition, women can vote, get higher education as well as walk down the streets without any men accompanying them.

However, women are still paid less than men being on the same job. Gender discrimination still exists which presupposes that a woman may not get a job merely because the employer fears that she might choose family over career.  Apart from that, cases of catcalling, harassment or even violence against women on the streets are unfortunately still relevant. In other words, it is simply not safe for a woman to walk down the street late at night as she may be easily attacked. As you have already understood, there is still a lot to be done so that to reach gender equality.