Habitat destruction essay sample

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Habitat destruction is one of the biggest problems our planet is facing nowadays. More and more land is cleared in order to build new houses and use those fields for agriculture. As a result, lakes, forests and animal habitats disappear. Some animals are forced to move to other parts of the planet but those conditions are not suitable for all species which is the reason why some of them unfortunately become extinct.

Thus, it can definitely be said that habitat destruction is the greatest threat to the variety of life that we are still able to observe on the planet these days. To specify, habit destruction poses threat to 85% of species. The main reason why habitat loss has become such an urgent issue is the increase of food production. As a result of that, more forests are cut off for agricultural purposes. Thus, animals are forced to live on other territories. What is more, the traditional way of living for animals is disrupted in such a way.

Speaking about other causes of habitat destruction, the process of building homes for people should be highlighted as well. The population of the planet is growing which is why more apartments, home and attractions are built for people. However, the impact which it has on the future of the planet is not taken into consideration. Large corporations and businesses also tend to use lands so that to build new factories and plants the majority of which pollute the atmosphere as well.

Taking everything into consideration, it is of vital importance to take action now. Otherwise, species extinction is inevitable. If wildlife is displaced or extinct, the way of living is going to change and it will most definitely have a negative impact on people. Destroying habitats will eventually hurt not only the planet, but also the people who live on it.