Has yoga 🧘 become the new face of fitness? essay sample


Yoga has recently become a popular form of exercise that instantly gained a lot of admirers in the Western world. As people constantly search for the best possible fitness practice, they have seen yoga as a pleasant and efficient alternative to running, lifting, jumping, and other traditional exercising practices. Initially, yoga was a set of physical and spiritual practices that emerged in India. It is not merely a way to keep fit as yoga implies reaching harmony between the physical performance and spiritual well-being. This idea still has a great success in the West where concerns about physical and psychological comfort rise every year.

Individuals practicing yoga are perfectly excited about its benefits compared to other forms of exercising. First, yoga is incredibly efficient. A broad variety of poses allow us to strengthen our body as an integral system; there is no need to work with separate groups of muscles if we can choose poses that evenly distribute the pressure all over the body and decrease the risk of traumatic incidents. Unlike all competitive sports, yoga puts an emphasis on one’s own body and the necessity to use it wisely. Due to its mild but steady physical impact, yoga can be advised to people of all ages, including those who recover from injuries. It is necessary only to visit a physician to clarify which poses are acceptable for people with any particular condition.

The main distinctive feature of yoga is a balanced distribution of pressure on muscles and joints. Bodybuilders are unlikely to find this practice interesting, but individuals not interested in competition or stretching their physical abilities to the limit will appreciate it.