How is exercise related to your brain health? essay sample

Looking for an essay sample on the topic of exercise and the way in which it helps to improve brain health? Here is a perfect example with the help of which dealing with this essay topic will get easier.

To begin with, it is vital to highlight the fact that regular exercise improves thinking skills and memory. In other words, it basically changes the brain of a person. For this reason, there are lots of reasons why being physically active is so advantageous. To specify, regular physical activity helps to reduce stroke and prevent both heart disease and diabetes.

According to the results of the research conducted at the University of British Columbia, regular physical activity boosts the size of the hippocampus. It is the are in human’s brain which is involved in verbal memory and learning. One of the reasons why these findings play such a crucial role is that they help to find ways to deal with dementia as well as to find out what causes it an early age so that to help patients who start showing symptoms.

What should also be highlighted regarding the subject under consideration is that regular exercise helps to reduce insulin resistance as well as stimulates the release of growth factors. The latter are of great importance due to the fact that these are the chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells. What is more, they also assist in the process of growing new blood vessels.

Apart from that, the positive influence of regular exercise on the mood of a person and the quality of their sleep should be emphasized as well. Furthermore, physical activity helps to reduce anxiety and stress. The volume of those parts of the brain that control memory and thinking is great in those who exercise on a regular basis which once again proves why it is so vital to include physical activity into one’s daily routine and stick to it. One might join a class so that to work out and exercise with other people. One should also track one’s progress in order to see their improvements or even hire a personal trainer if necessary.