Healthy alternatives to free beer parties to prevent the dangers of college drinking essay sample



Non-alcohol parties do not sound like students’ culture at all. Almost every place where three or more students gather to entertain themselves is likely to become their place to have a drink. This is how college students who are not watched by their parents try to relax and confirm that they are young adults already. However, consequences of college drinking do not always indicate to the maturity and consideration.

Annually, more than a thousand young people of age die because of the consequences of alcohol intoxication. Traffic incidents make up a large part of them as the next thing students do after they drink is driving. Besides, excessive drinking contributes to the gun violence, venereal diseases, and interferes with academic performance. Nevertheless, alcohol is a must at the large and small parties and it is a great question whether this tradition can ever be changed.

Regulations on the retail of alcohol do not work after a young person has come of age. Consequently, students can absolutely legally buy and consume it at the parties. In order to change this practice, probably, organizers of the parties shall claim their alcohol-free position. It is especially valuable for celebrations after athletic competitions and sporting events. Establishing alcohol-free residence halls is also a nice opportunity to diminish drinking, however, students will find a way to smuggle alcohol to their dormitories anyway.

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