State colleges should be free to attend. Essay sample

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The subject of state colleges has been at the forefront for quite a while now. Some people believe that state colleges should be free to attend while others are convinced that one needs to pay for them. In such a way, it can definitely be said that this issue is rather controversial.

The advocates of free state colleges highlight the importance of learning for students. The main priority for every student is to gain a lot of knowledge and experience which one will make use of as soon as they get a job. The problem is that not every person has the opportunity to pay for college. Yet, it does not mean that they should be deprived of the opportunity to get a degree in the field they are interested in.

The opponents emphasize the fact that making state colleges free will ruin the whole system as an educational institution will be filled with people who are not necessarily interested in getting higher education. When one has to pay for college or university, it means that they know why they need to get a degree in this field as well as why they have decided to apply in the first place. In addition, there is no guarantee that teachers and professors will be getting paid properly for the important job that they do. Besides, some professors may even leave an educational institution if they do not get paid enough. Having paid colleges presupposes that professors get a proper salary.

Taking everything into consideration, there are tons of different aspects to take into consideration regarding the subject in question. Perhaps, the most reasonable solution to the problem would be to offer at least a few options to attend state colleges for free, especially for those students who do not have the opportunity to pay for higher education.

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