Helping troubled students essay sample


To begin with, the first thing every student is looking for is somebody to listen to their problems. Sometimes it is the only thing they need. Sometimes this is merely the first step.

Apart from that, it is also of vital importance to identify that a student is experiencing something due to the fact that some of them either deny it or do not want to talk to anyone about their problems even though they may desperately need someone to help them come up with proper solutions.

There is no universal solution the all students’ problems as every case is different which is why it is so significant to be there and to listen when the student has finally decided to talk about those issues which are troubling them. Furthermore, being there for a person might prevent the student from making a decision they are most definitely going to regret. Sometimes getting a second opinion is very useful. What is more, it may even be crucial or at least help the person take a look at the situation from a completely different angle.

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