How and why are attractive people treated differently than the non-attractive ones? essay sample


Appearances make us perceive and treat all people differently. Good-looking individuals always evoked appreciation and approval of the others. Though standards of beauty changed and fashion went round, regular and clear-cut facial features remained to be symbols of the sheer beauty. Slim figure and fancy attire make people visually stand out among their less attractive peers who, in their turn, either become depressed with their imperfections or start to envy their more lucky friends.

Every person has their own beauty standards which are determined by education, cultural and other external influences such as museums, exhibitions, mass-media, and popular culture. Meeting people who correspond our established standards, we try to make friends or start romantic relationships in order to become somehow close to them.

But why do we want beautiful people to encircle ourselves? An attractive person evokes a feeling of comfort and moral satisfaction to those people who can appreciate this beauty. Therefore, we want to spend more time in their company. When we observe non-attractive people, the most positive emotion we can feel is sympathy. Which is more, some people become scared when they see a homeless or anyone with terrifying visible flaws. Extremely non-attractive people cause others feel in danger so that they try to avoid coming close to scary individuals.

Appearances are deceitful, and it would be much wiser not to judge people from their look. But feelings of awe or disgust emerge immediately as soon as our brain processed information from the visual receptors. This response comes earlier than we make any further analysis, therefore, a negative reaction is inevitable. For this reason, we will continue to treat beautiful and ugly people in a different way.

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