How can countries promote bicycle use for short journeys? essay sample

Cycling is a healthy, ecological, and cheap means of transportation. Bicycles are quite popular in Europe where distances are shorter than in the US and streets can be narrow enough for car drivers to feel like a bull in a china shop. However, not all European cities have a lot of bicycles on their roads, and the rest of the world is not very quick in borrowing the tradition of cycling. It is very convenient to travel short distances by bicycle, however, the promotion of this means of transport requires several conditions to be fulfilled.

Bicycle infrastructure is a crucial feature of any cycle-friendly city. Various parts of the city shall be accessible for those who ride a bicycle, in the first place. As many urban areas are more drivers-oriented today, it could be risky and dangerous for cyclists to ride there. Bicycle lanes must become a part of the road infrastructure,  and their constant extension shall be a usual activity for the authorities. Cities shall encourage bicycle services like hiring, parking, repairing etc.. And of course, more information shall be provided to encourage citizens to ride a bicycle for short-distance traveling.

The implementation of a strong cycling infrastructure is inadmissible without the support of the authorities and the acknowledgment of the citizens. Politicians usually lack awareness of the situation with cycling in their cities. However, they shall take an active part in the construction of infrastructure and they have to discuss this questions with the citizens. Financial management shall be taken over by the governments and NGOs which are interested in raising funds for the local cycling infrastructure. And last, people who do not use a bicycle for their everyday trips shall consider this option. After a good informational campaign, they, surely, will discover that cycling is not only a leisure time activity.