What is the best solution to the problem of plastic bags (should governments ban or discourage their usage; should citizens return bags to supermarkets for recycling)? essay sample



The invention of synthetic non-degradable materials like plastic and cellophane gave a considerable boost to the amount of environmental pollution. On the one hand, the volume of garbage multiplied with the striking speed; on the other hand, households burning these materials themselves started to emit toxic carcinogenic gasses into the atmosphere. The environmental pressure made by such a routine activity enhanced the global climate change and made miles of lands dismissed with landfills full of trash.

Ecologists try to draw consumers’ attention to the problem caused by their irrational spending. Buying a plastic bag every time they shop at the supermarket, consumers develop ecologically-dangerous behavior. Most of those bags will end up in the landfills and some will be disposed of incorrectly. Excessive cellophane package is the problem of consumers who got used to seeing all their goods wrapped like this. It is the problem of manufacturers who do not enhance any changes in this respect as well.

Clearly, it is necessary for consumers to substitute their casual plastic bags with the ones of a natural fiber which are even more practical and eco-friendly. Supermarkets shall discourage their clients from buying plastic bags and offer the ones made of fabric instead. Moreover, they should install containers for collecting plastic bags for their further safe recycling. The initiative, perhaps, is to be promoted by the government as most supermarkets will not engage in such an activity voluntarily. Probably, there should be a quote for the amount of plastic bags for sale in the stores and at the markets.

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