How can parents, teachers, and society at large encourage more children to pursue an education in science? essay sample



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics educational field does not only provide children with exciting and very illustrative practical classes at secondary and high school. STEM careers supply college graduates with a diverse job-places as this direction is continually developing. Companies engaged in scientific research always need professionals to create innovative products, and employers are able to pay a deserving salary. That is why children have to consider science and engineering as their potential future occupation which will be both helpful to people and interesting to themselves as scientific workers.

Apparently, STEM education is not highly popular among youngsters at the present moment. A degree in marketing or finance is more appreciated by parents and children themselves who try to make their future if not adventurous and exciting then at least prosperous. This is how people underestimate education in science.

Probably, encouraging children to study physics and math is up to parents, first of all. Interest to science shall be engrained from the early years. Informative encyclopedias and bright TV shows about science will certainly help to keep children interested in chemistry, biology, engineering, and many other fields. When a child is determined to know more about science, they will look forward to their physics and chemistry classes and show a great academic performance.

After parents have done their job in keeping children interested in the science, colleges need to encourage high-school graduates who want to obtain proficiency in the field. Perhaps, faculties for science and engineering can be enlarged and more grants and scholarships shall be available. These are the basic thing which will make students sure that they have done a right choice. States shall nurture new young scientists to use the result of their inventions in future.

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