What should be done to increase the funding for cancer research? essay sample



Cancer remains to be the fatal disease which annually strikes thousands of Americans. The patients who discovered the disease at the late stage have little chances for recovery, and more young and middle-aged people are annually diagnosed with the disease. A sufficient progress, however, has been done in the development of anti-cancer treatment and making cancer screening available to everybody. Combating cancer became a little easier due to the efforts of clinics, volunteers, and, of course, governments. The federal and local governments together aim at making cancer therapy as effective as possible, nevertheless, researchers and population find the funding insufficient.

Financial assets given to cure cancer are distributed more or less evenly in the healthcare system. They do no concern only cancer research as this money also serve to partially cover the insurances for chemotherapy taken in pills and prevent the population from smoking and indoor tanning. Thus, the researchers expect a slow-down of the current progress because the demand in cancer treatment continually rises and the governmental funding merely reduce. In case the federal government does not provide enough money for the research, all patients with cancer will remain devoid of recent discoveries and technological advances.

Today it must be difficult for the officials to provide more funding for anything. Assuming that combating cancer shall be one of the prior tasks, we expect the higher officials to cut the funding of some less crucial projects and redirect them to fulfill the cancer research. Only smart prioritization will help the society to solve the most urgent problems in the first place.

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