How can social divides in cities be addressed? essay sample

The issue of social divide is not a new one. The thing is that it is creating more and more problems as there is an obvious divide between the representatives of different classes in one city.

One of the ways in which this issue can be tackled is by making sure that all neighborhoods of the city offer equal opportunities to their inhabitants. In other words, it means that there are lots of business centers all over the city which allows citizens to work in their neighborhood. What is more, it will also increase the level of safety in that neighborhood.

Surely, it is also significant to advertize all areas of the city in order to convince people that it is completely comfortable to live in all of them. Dealing with social divide in cities should be a carefully planned strategy which is why it is definitely going to take a lot of time and effort. Such ideas are not implemented in life overnight as every single aspect should be taken into account.

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