How can teachers improve sex education courses? essay sample



Sex education is a stumbling block in the modern community. Parents and teachers cannot define who shall be responsible for providing such information and blame the other side for not taking enough efforts in this direction. On the one hand, parents are scared of having a conversation about sex with their children. On the other hand, teachers use the programs funded by officials which only  recently had the abstinence-only type of curriculum. Nevertheless, teachers are to the same extent interested in providing comprehensive programs on how to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases and avoid unplanned teenage pregnancy.

So how can teachers improve sex education provided at their school? First of all, they shall define whether they are teaching comprehensive sexual education program. The abstinence-only approach is not appropriate in the real life, and it is crucial not to misinform students. Next, teachers have to make sure that the curriculum is comprehensive indeed. It shall contain information about the danger of sexually transmitted infections, health and social impacts of the teenage pregnancy, the use of contraception, and appropriate behavior which does not provoke sexual assault. Alongside, teachers have to be sure that all community, family, and individual values of young people are preserved within the lessons.

Successful education can be provided if teachers put all their responsibility in preparing lessons. They shall create plans for each lesson which comprise enough statistic data, pose the most common questions, and provide helpful answers to them. It is crucial to include several examples from the real life to confirm given data and make it clear that sexually transmitted diseases are closer than most young people expect.

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